Eryca and Jason have an elegant rose gold and blush Wishing Well Barn wedding with their closest family and friends.

Their Wishing Well Barn wedding was on a gorgeous day! Eryca and Jason loved Wishing Well Barn because of the space and gorgeous scenery, plus with all the kids that were in attendance the yard games were a great addition. Their wedding party was one of the largest I’ve seen and most of it was family and their kids. It was so sweet to see Jason’s son and daughter included in the wedding party, his son at his side as his best man. Eryca shares a love for rose gold with me, so I was excited to see all the rose gold and blush accents.

What I remember most about their day? Eryca’s stunning Essence of Australia dress, Jason kissing the card Eryca gave him, Jason’s reaction to seeing her, their interaction with their family throughout the day (so much love!), Eryca singing to Jason (voice of an angel!), Jason dancing with his daughter and their very entertaining sparkler exit.

Thanks so much to the follow people for making their awesome day happen:

Michelle Welch with Wishing Well Barn, Ola’s Flowers, Cater Tampa, Boone’s Events, Perry Oakley Makeup, Kimberly Kelso officiant and Patti Tate desserts.

When she sets a goal, it gets done. She is relentless.

His patience! He’s always calm and collected, while I can be all over the place at times. We balance each other in that aspect.

Recount a moment your partner surprised you in a way that made you love them more.

When she told me that we were going to have engagement pictures taken and she wanted my kids to be apart of our day.

Jason makes me proud of him when I see how caring he is towards others. It’s hard to pin point one time, because he’s this way all of the time.

Every single time she gets on a stage to sing. (on being proud of her)