Abby and Mike have a modern rustic Wishing Well Barn wedding with gorgeous details and some creative night time photos.

Imagine tornadic winds tearing through a reception area, knocking over centerpieces and swiping away napkins. This is exactly what I witnessed when I showed up to Abby and Mike’s Wishing Well Barn wedding. Not seconds after I got under the cover of the barn did it start pouring rain outside as well! I couldn’t imagine what was going through their minds. However, after a few minutes of what seemed like the worst weather imaginable, it all stopped and we ended up having a nice overcast day!

Abby was so calm about the weather it was alarming. She was being amazing and so was Mike. Not a worry in their minds because they knew they would be husband and wife by the end of the day anyway. They both got each other gifts with the coordinates of where they first met, introduced by Abby’s dad at their hunting property in GA. The ceremony was so memorable, with a tree planting ceremony (that tree is now at their house) and Abby’s grandmother who is 100 years old. The portraits, though there was no sun, came out beautifully with the subtle cloud cover we had.

At the reception, Mike had his own groom’s cake with antler’s, just like his very unique boutonniere that had gold antlers. Abby’s flower crown and bouquets were also amazing, everyone did an incredible job! Thank you to Michelle at Wishing Well Barn, Heather with Taylormade Florals, Stacy’s Red’s Cupcake Boutique, Leilani Cooper for the gorgeous hair and makeup and Marlon with Fortuity Entertainment. Now enjoy the photos!

We took a trip to Savannah around valentines day and we told each other we was not going to buy each other anything. I got her a card and then when I got out of the shower she had put my gifts and candy on the bed.

One of my very favorite parts of the day, Mike’s grandfather showing me how he makes a drink! Haha!

One afternoon, I was at my apartment and we were texting back and forth while he was out of town. He had been gone a couple days and wasn’t expected back for another day or two. While we were texting, he sent me a picture. It was a photo of roses at my front door. It took me a second to figure out I should open the door. And when I did, there he stood. He came home early to surprise me.

I thought he was actually stealing my Lowes gift card during our gift exchange (it was Christmas night). I was SO caught off guard. It happened so fast, I was in shock for a brief second (or two).

We had only been dating for about 6 mouths and I had to have open heart surgery and she was there for me the whole time and got a hotel room in Tampa to be there with me.

I’m proud of how hard he works (all the time). But he had the opportunity to pick up a “part-time” job for a few months. He took it and worked 7 days a week for months! It was almost like having 2 full time jobs with the schedule he had.


To be honest I am always proud of her everyday so it’s hard just to pick one time. I am proud that the good Lord let us meet and getting married and I am proud to be her husband.