Victoria was a nursing student (now graduated!) who wanted professional headshots and personal branding photography to start out her career. We started in our Tampa studio and did the second half at the SS American Victory. We also did some photos commemorate her father who passed away while she was in nursing school. Victoria also has an alter ego of sorts, Lilly, who is a 1940’s nurse. You will see elements the 40’s and Disney in the detail shots we did in the studio. Thank you to Style Hair & Makeup for doing the modern look for her headshots and then the vintage look for our shoot at the SS American Victory where Victoria became Lilly. This was such an amazing and unique session. I wish everyone would take their headshots to this level! I enjoyed exploring the SS American Victory and using natural light, especially the dramatic effect the porthole window gave. There is one photo that looks so much like it came from that era it gives me chills (you’ll know which one when you see it). Enjoy going back in time with the images below!

PS- I never thought I would have to retouch Mickey in my career, but I certainly did! Tip: Use a lint roller if you’re photographing anything of this material and black. Ha!

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