Tampa commercial photography for Coppertail Brewing’s online merchandise shop

I was honored to be able to photograph the merchandise for one of my favorite Tampa company’s online shop, Coppertail Brewimg Co. with Ashlee Hamon Photography. Last year I broke into Tampa commercial photography and I am really enjoying it. I’d love to be able to work with more local, small businesses in the area and create some branding images with them! I enjoy working with other creatives and companies that take care and consideration in their marketing and branding like Coppertail. They hired a local branding company Spark and artist Evan B. Harris out of Portland to create their alternative nautical and whimsical identity. If you’re looking for a commercial photographer that thinks a little differently and creatively, please email me at regina@asthephotographer.com for your Tampa commercial photography needs.

See the photos in action on the Coppertail Brewing Co. Website and Online Shop. They have hoodies, shirts, dresses, underwear, soaps, beach towels, trucker hats, koozies and more! Also many thanks to Gayle of Florist Fire for providing the awesome floral jewelry for our model, Kristen Berry.

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