Julia’s Tampa bat mitzvah photography portrait session.

Yes, another portrait session with another beautiful young lady! Julia’s mom came to me about being her photographer for Julia’s Tampa bat mitzvah party photography, however, also decided to book me for a pre-event bat mitzvah portrait session. The ceremony and event blog will follow this one. We decided on two looks for Julia for her downtown session at Curtis Hixon Park and Tampa’s Riverwalk. The two looks were the dress she was wearing to her party and her ballet outfit since she is an avid ballet dancer. I am so happy with how her photos came out for this part of the portrait photography. Her hair and makeup for this part was done by Stephanie Jackson at Lasting Luxe.

I was totally impressed with this young lady, she is seriously fierce (not sure if that’s a cool word anymore), but she could be a model some day. I have a feeling that Julia aspires to be a model, dancer, philanthropist, and even more in the future. She is a beautiful, intelligent young lady who definitely makes her parents proud. Julia gives me hope for millennials and I’m not saying that just to be humorous, but seriously there are times I meet young people and it depresses me. This wasn’t the case with Julia, so I must say good job to her parents and to her for becoming the human being she is! Good luck with everything in your future Julia, you can most definitely make anything happen.