Rachael and Jeff have a simple and elegant Sunken Gardens wedding in St. Pete.

Two lawyers meet at a bar… yes that’s Rachel and Jeff! I am telling you, I have never seen any bride laugh as much as Rachael. I wouldn’t have understood this as much had I not met her family the night before at the rehearsal dinner at Pia’s. They are not only hilarious with great senses of humor, but also everyone was extremely generous. If I could sum this wedding up with one description it would be “pure joy, nonstop laughter” because that is what they did and what I did the whole day and night! Rachael and Jeff chose a Sunken Gardens wedding because of its Florida history and beautiful grounds.

As told by the couple:

Jeff & Rachael met on the First Friday of March 2012. Rachael had just taken the Florida bar exam earlier that week, and was ready to celebrate with her study buddy. Making their way around the Jannus block in DTSP, at the Garden, Rachael ran into her friend Nate, who had just returned from a semester in London, which she had done the previous year with her bff. While chatting away about their shared experience, Nate’s friend caught her eye. Sensing their instant connection, Jeff, always the gentleman, procured a shot of whiskey for the lady, and warm tequila for himself. A magical evening on the dancefloor, a perfectly cheesy offer of the world, and five years later they formally became family at another Garden.

Thank you to the staff at Sunken Gardens, Euphoria Salon, Milan Catering, Green Bench Florist and The Dressing Room.

This photo is a replica of a portrait of Rachael’s mom on her wedding day. Hence the slightly vintage editing.

His height, hair, and mischievous smile.

Whenever I feel down she is always there to make me feel better.

He almost fell but stayed in a good mood because his bubbles started working. Haha!

She wouldn’t stop talking even though I wasn’t talking back. This would become a theme of our relationship

I would like Jeff’s toughness. While I am tough, I take things more personally and am more sensitive and offended, while most things just bounce off Jeff.

For my birthday, among other presents, Jeff bought me Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. In the book, he had highlighted the quote: “The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being”

Jeff on being proud of Rachael: “Her professional accomplishments. Particularly being named young attorney of the year”

One of the most important things to Jeff is experiencing life. Jeff does not settle for typical, or for staying in one place too long when there is so much out there for him to enjoy and experience.