On my blog and website you see a lot of weddings and couples. Though I focus so much on being a wedding photographer, I also love being a portrait and lifestyle photographer. I had not done a simple portrait session in a long time so Larissa’s St. Pete lifestyle photography session was just what I needed. So simple, yet I felt a creative outpouring and enjoyed exploring St. Pete with her. She came to me just wanting some professional photos of herself after some rough patches life threw her. It was sort of a pick me up for both of us.

We chose outfits she felt comfortable and knew she looked great in, but also showed her personality (hence the meow sweater you’ll see later). Professional hair and makeup (by Lasting Luxe) was included with her photography package, so after she was pampered a bit we headed to St. Pete to shoot. We started in Straub Park, had a little rain so we did some shots inside Cider Press Cafe to save the time while it rained. Then we headed out back to the alley with the wall art to shoot some night photos. Absolutely loved hanging out with her and getting some great shots at the same time.