Commercial Photography & Headshots FAQ


Do you release copyright of the images?

The creator of the image holds the copyright, however the use is then licensed to the purchaser or business. Depending on how many photos you want a license for or what the photography is going to be used for, I can price a license out for you.

What type of commercial photography do you offer?

Anything really from fashion, merchandise and stationary to food and other businesses that need professional photography. I also offer headshots and specialize in headshots for those in a creative or artistic field. I specialize in the following types of commercial photography:

  • Personal branding photography
  • Business branding photography
  • Products and merchandise
  • Real estate photography
  • Interior design
  • Fashion blog
  • Headshots
How do we choose a location?

The photos can be done in my studio in Tampa or at your place of business.

What should I wear for my headshots?

You should choose outfits that are professional, but also show your personality or the type of business you own or work in. I would be more than happy to advise you on your choices before the session.

Should I get professional hair and makeup for my headshots?

In short, yes, definitely. I offer the addition of professional hair and makeup for $175 and work with a few trusted and talented artists.

When and how do we schedule a photo shoot with you?

The shoot should take place at least a month before you need the photos. You can email me at or call 813-610-5240 to schedule a meeting at my studio. I’d love to meet you and treat you to some coffee!

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