Lauren and Dave have a jewish ceremony and stunning sunset for their Lido Beach Resort wedding.

Lauren and Dave contacted me only months before their summer wedding. When I found out about their eco-friendly flower seed invitations, love of dogs and her Jenny Peckham dress, I knew we were meant to be. I’m still sad we didn’t get photos with their pup Bowser, but he was being a diva so I understand. Let’s just be clear, at the time of their wedding they had been together for 23 years since middle school in 1994! Holy crap! That’s almost a quarter of a century. Impressive to say the least!

When we arrived to the resort Lauren had all her details ready including her grandmother’s paintings and the very special perfume she would wear for the first time that day. She taught me a new tradition, if you buy a new perfume/cologne and wear it  the first time on your wedding day the scent will forever remind you of that day! How incredible! It is so true that scents trigger memories. Dave also had his own new cologne as well.

We did a first look and family photos beforehand.Their ceremony had some Jewish traditions including a beautiful chuppah. I particularly remember the reading Dave’s brother did from an old etiquette book for men. It was hilarious! The toasts were great too, and you can tell by the photos that everyone enjoyed them. The sunset was particularly great, and we got some awesome shots of Lauren and Dave, including some fun double exposures. Enjoy their story below!

Thank you to the following people that made their day happen: Megan Meehan for coordinating, Dave’s father Joe for officiating, Elegant Design Florals, Linda Shepard hair and makeup, Fancy BoothFireman Derek’s World Famous Pies and Affairs in the Air by Carolyn.

I love art (a love that was fostered by my late American grandmother Jane or Nannie as we lovingly referred to her as). I collect art, within my budget of course. I went thrifting one weekend and discovered a painting I liked. For some reason, I didn’t trust my gut and left without it. All weekend, I kept thinking about this lovely painting and I beat myself up over not purchasing it. I was worried that by the time I was able to go back for it (due to work on Monday) it would have been sold. One of the more recent romantic things Dave did for me was, that Monday morning, before work,he went to my favorite thrift store, purchased the painting and even got it for half off! A whole $16. It now hangs proudly and prominently in our dining area.

I would have to say her unique personality (don’t know anyone else quite like her :)) and I clearly thought she was beautiful.

That’s easy, his warm, handsome, and genuine smile 🙂

If I could have one character trait of Dave’s it would be his hard work and determination. We all work hard, but Dave goes above and beyond. He is very genuine, people are at ease around him because he is so easy going and down to earth. I find his drive very admirable.

Lauren took me to Miami Beach for my birthday about 7 years ago or so and that trip basically brought us to Florida and here we are today getting married here. If we didn’t go on that trip I don’t think we would have ever moved here.

Her ability to speak in public without being nervous ie not give a sh$&t what anyone thinks. I’m getting better with her help though

For my birthday lauren got me tickets to my favorite band metallica at veterans stadium in Philadelphia. She didn’t like the music but knew I did and got for me anyway. To this day best concert of my life and it was also in our home town stadium before they tore it down and build a new one. Will never forget that one.

What stands out most is that Dave proposed to me under the moon and stars on the beach in nature. It was just the two of us on a beautiful and quiet beach in Naples. Even though we had been together for over 20 years at that point, I had never seen him so nervous. It was a beautiful moment and I couldn’t have asked for a more meaningful proposal or a more beautiful ambiance for the occasion.