Jennifer and Andrew have a glamorous Hillsborough River State Park engagement photo session.

Jennifer had one request for their engagement photos, she wanted to look glamorous and out of place in a forest type setting. Therefore we chose the super rustic and forest-like Hillsborough River State Park for her and Andrew’s engagement session. We started with more casual outfits but then switched and got some of my favorite engagement photos EVER. If you know me you know I am all about FUN, laughing photos, however Jennifer and Andrew made me fall in love with more serious and editorial style photos. Just scroll down to see her sequined gown and his red blazer. TO. DIE. FOR. Especially their poses on the river rapids. If you want to do a session like this, I’m sooooo excited to do another! Contact me.

PS- They are getting married in Yosemite and I am so sad that I’m already booked for their date, but I wish them the best!

glamorous hillsborough river state park engagement photos