Lindsey and Daryl have a magical and whimsical Cross Creek Ranch wedding in Tampa.

Lindsey and Daryl decided on a Cross Creek Ranch wedding because the outdoors suited the very whimsical, boho style they wanted. St. Pete seems to be a city of love and matchmaking because like the couple I am posting after them, Lindsey and Daryl met at a bar in St. Pete! They have some seriously amazing style, especially the boho dress Lindsey wore and her rose gold shoes that matched her rings. I think Daryl even mentioned in his vows something about her being “so hot.” Haha! For being a little admittedly shy, these two lit up when they were taking photos together.

We started with a few getting ready shots at the hotel, but quickly headed to Cross Creek for the finishing touches. Lindsey had a very emotional first look with her dad. You guys have to see her dress, there is no other way to describe it but whimsical and fairylike. She really was like a beautiful fairy in the sparkly sunlight that you’ll see in their couple’s portraits. We had a LOT of fun at the reception with a pretty epic garter removal (see what Daryl uses). We ended with a kissing send off with sparklers.

Thank you to the following vendors for making their day amazing: the staff at Cross Creek Ranch, Alta Fleura, Catered by Vesh, Alessi’s Bakery, Style Hair and Makeup, their officiant Jon Arnold and Jody Bower the DJ.


For my birthday Lindsey surprised me with one of the best restaurants in Tampa that I always wanted to go to.

Daryl approached me at a bar and asked for a new year’s kiss. My first impression was that he was spontaneous and had a great sense of humor. We also had a lot in common.

Daryl is outgoing and carefree, and willing to make a fool of himself in order to make people laugh which I love about him. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and just wants to have a good time. I admire these traits and wish I could be more like him and not take myself so seriously.

I would say family is most important to her and just being able to relax and be herself at the end of the day.

Daryl is definitely the romantic one in our relationship. He has surprised me with candle lit, homemade dinners with wine after I’ve had a long day at work on several occasions.. he takes the time to write me thoughtful and meaningful cards for every holiday… He bought us a couple massage.. the list goes on

What’s most important per Lindsey about Daryl: “Definitely having a sense of humor! We love to laugh.”

On being proud, “Recently, Lindsey has been pushing for a promotion at her job. All her hard work and focused driven attitude finally paid off because she did in fact get a new position within her company.”

We’ve done a lot of traveling together in and out of the US, but one of the most adventurous and fun things we did together was ATVing through the mountains of Hawaii.

Daryl bought me a weekend at a beach condo for my birthday a couple years back and we went para sailing.

I like that he made the actual proposal intimate and special, knowing that I wouldn’t want a bunch of people around… And afterwards, had a surprise party at my parents house with our entire families planned. It was really special to me and he could not have planned it more perfectly.

Yes, he used a flash light. So smart and hilarious and first time I’ve seen this!

Lindsey’s surprised and excited look during the moment. The sunset on the beach was amazing that day.