Updated 7/24/18

As a photographer, I feel that it is my duty to provide much more than digital images to my clients. I am giving them an experience in good service. I want to help them from the date they book until after their wedding. I hope, also, that I would do their family portraits in the future. More specifically in regards to the wedding itself, I know it is a crazy, hectic time for those planning it. I want to help with all aspects, not just the photography. This is why I now send my new clients a wedding photography welcome packet. Think of it as a “how to” guide to wedding photography and more! I’m sure most brides need guidance so they don’t pull their hair out. I also offer help with the time line and I feel it is very important that clients work with their photographer on this. Included in the welcome packet are the following items:

  • Welcome letter
  • Beauty tips
  • Suit guide *new
  • Info on engagement sessions
  • Info about doing a first look
  • Coupon for hair and makeup
  • To top it all off: A pocket wedding planner!
  • Plus fun gifts like a mug, coffee from Buddy Brew and a candle from Warehouse Candles

So, when you are looking into hiring your wedding photographer, think about the experience and services provided. Are they just going to collect your deposit and contract and you won’t hear from them again until a few weeks before the wedding day? Or will they help you from day one with much more than the photography? I am here to keep everything flowing as it should and even if it doesn’t, I will be the calm voice of reason and make it all work.

Call or email me now to see if your date is available or if you’re another photographer with questions. (813) 610-5240 or regina@asthephotographer.com