Seriously, I’m sorry for being bossy, but DAMN I am still so impressed with Jessica and Shannon’s Bird Island Lake Ranch wedding and how much handmade DIY details went into it. We started at their adorable Seminole Heights bungalow. I had so much fun with their dresses (Jessica’s is Anna Campbell and Shannon’s is Kite and Butterfly), INCREDIBLE stationary and custom stamps designed by Shannon (yeah she’s so rad), their shoes (Shannon had converse with pins from all the places they’ve been), feather boutonnieres handmade by Jessica and their sets of rings.

After the getting ready fun ended, we drove up to Bird Island Lake Ranch to have their first look and photos with their pups. This was the perfect venue for their boho hippie vibe. Literally in the middle of no where surrounded by oak canopies and cows. After some gorgeous portraits was the ceremony. Their nuptials were complete with their GIANT DIY dreamcatchers, 3 dogs walking down the aisle with friends and family, their officiant Miguel Fuller from Hot 101.5, tree planting ceremony and handmade barefoot sandals with stones and chains (made by Jessica).

The reception was just as beautiful as you can imagine with open candelabras they sourced themselves, vintage furniture rented from DaniLyn (also some sourced by themselves), 77 VW Bus Photobooth, acoustic music by Kayla Embers, gorgeous florals EVERYWHERE by Florist Fire, delicious food by Good Food Catering and a huge thanks goes out to Kristen with Flawless Fetes for coordinating everything.

All I can say is I’m sorry I didn’t share this blog sooner.


Her ability to see everything in a positive light instead of focusing on the negatives of situations. Its as if she radiates this light.

The way she told me she loved me for the first time completely melted my heart. We were taking our first trip to new orleans and were on the the plane and she handed me a present. As I unwrapped in I was elated, I had mentioned wanting a polaroid camera and thats exactly what it was. When I opened the box, Shannon had mentioned taking a few test shots. When I began looking through them there was a picture of Mister (her dog), the christmas tree, and then last but not least a picture of her holding a hand painted sign that said “I LOVE YOU!” Of course I had been waiting for her to say it first lol, but I quickly said it back!

Her green eyes. Everywhere we go everyone compliments her on her eyes. Then they look at me with my brown eyes and don’t say anything! lol One of the first things my Mom said to Jess when she met her was ” OMG your eyes are gorgeous!” I was like WHOA MOM back off!! lol JK

Jessica is one of the most ambitious people I know. She is constantly thinking of the next project or initiative that she wants to pursue. I love that about her, because it pushes me to work harder and learn new things. I also love how spontaneous she is. Randomly she will say to me for example “Babe let’s go to Paris!”

Family and friends. She is so extremely devoted and loyal to them and would do ANYTHING for anyone se truly loves.

Jessica has done a lot of romantic things for me, but the best by far was when she surprised me with a trip to New York to see my family for Thanksgiving. I had been living in FL for 8 years and I had never gone home to NY for Thanksgiving and I always mentioned to her that I wanted to go, and she knows how important my family is to me, so she planned the whole trip.

Well the proposal was a total surprise, because I thought I was going to propose first! But what stood out the most during the proposal initially was how beautiful Jessica looked. I remember thinking in my head when I was walking up to the TeePee how lucky I was/am. She always looks beautiful, but on this particular day it was different. She also had a video of my family on her iPad giving their blessings, that meant a lot.


I was very proud of Shannon when she followed her dreams and opened up Mates + Co. with her friend Meghan. I was so proud that she wasn’t letting the corporate design world limit her growth and creativity. She’s such a creative person and I am glad she has full creative freedom on these projects, its evident how happy it makes her.