In this post Regina reviews her year in weddings.

Regina Rached, since 2014, has been a full time wedding photographer taking most of her photos in sub tropical Florida. When she’s not shooting weddings, she’s sitting on her donut pillow in front of a computer editing those photos. This is her recollection of the year two thousand sixteen.

Ok… enough of me trying to make a Wes Anderson film. I sort of wish I could write the whole post in that fashion. I decided to break up my yearly reviews into one part weddings and one part engagements/portraits/commercial. This year was a real eye opener as I shot the most weddings I have ever and at many new venues. Super exciting! Also made my life very hectic and time management was key (I suck at that). This year I hope to get a grip on that and be able to breathe and travel more (WILL PHOTOGRAPH FOR TRAVEL). I am deeply honored and thankful to all of the couples that I have gotten to know and booked me to shoot their weddings. You have made this past year pretty incredible. I did get to travel for the first time for Brittany and Greg’s wedding in Colorado and I will do it again, that’s for sure! I am now officially a destination wedding photographer.

2016 THIS HAPPENED: 1. Got engaged to my best friend for life, Mohamed. 2. Bought our first house. 3. Booked our own wedding for October 27, 2017. 4. Booked the incredible Jason Mize for our photographer. 5. Purchased a newish car to haul all my equipment in, yay for Honda Fit! 6. Photographed my first wedding outside of Florida. Thanks to my boss babes Ashlee Hamon and Gayle Zerr (Florist Fire) for coming up there with me and making the experience that much better. 7. Completed my second year as a full time photographer (3 years in June). 8. Had the most weddings every get rained out ever, no one cried about it and everything still turned out great! 9. I added a lot more movement into my photos which I plan to continue. 10. Tried night photography, in 2017 I plan to make it better.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho

Behind the scenes shot Ashlee got of me nerding out showing them a shot I loved.


High five to 2017!