Jessica and Josh have a fun, tropical and colorful Sacred Lands wedding in St. Pete with all the colors of the rainbow and some Harry Potter details.

Down to earth, hilarious and FUN is how I’d describe Jessica and Josh. They are both very easy going and their little family, including Jessica’s son Kyle, are so adorably in love! I met all 3 of them quite a while ago (in my old studio). They live in Seminole Heights too! Kyle is not only a super duper cute kid, his personality is so awesome! He has such a distinct personality… pretty outgoing though he was a bit shy for some of the photos. They chose a Sacred Lands wedding in St. Pete because they really loved the freedom they had there and the fact that it is a preservation land.

What I remember most about the wedding day:

ALL OF THE COLORS especially in the florals (there was kale included too!), Josh and Kyle’s interaction during the getting ready photos, Kyle when he saw his mom early on (the moment is beautiful), the fact that they jumped leaving the ceremony, Josh’s grandmother as the flower girl, how genuinely EXCITED everyone was all day and night, and their nacho cart and cotton candy machine!

Thank you to Lani Trecida-Holtz for coordinating the wedding, Nancy Barbara for making the marriage official, Emily Levy and Josh’s mom Francine Bauer for the absolutely breathtaking florals, Lindsay Travis for the amazing makeup on the ladies, Fred Behner for the delicious food and Alex Flannery for the pretty cake.

How they met:

Our families have been old friends since we were kids. I grew up hanging out with his older brothers but he was the annoying little brother so I didn’t pay him any attention. We each left the state for college and life and made our way back to Tampa where we ended up at a mutual friends party. He caught my attention immediately in a “Wow! You sure grew up!” kind of way. We talked constantly from then on and things just progressed.