Ashley and Timm have a fun, colorful Palm Harbor White Chapel Harbor Hall wedding with their reception at Harbor Hall complete with Timm’s green, refurbished VW bus!

These two constantly make me want to say “AW!” and then sometimes laugh. I think it is absolutely hilarious that they met through a conversation about Ashley’s shoes. Here’s what Timm said about that, “The first thing I noticed about Ashley was her shoes. They were classic running shoes which caught my eye. I was an avid runner and thought that this would be the perfect excuse and topic to bring up and talk to this beautiful woman. Turned out she wasn’t very much into running.” Ha! Ashley and Timm are such genuinely nice people, their smiles let you know that. A Palm Harbor White Chapel wedding was perfect for their colorful theme. You can also check out their engagement photos here.

Things I remember about their wedding day:

THE GREEN VW BUS OF COURSE! Timm is German, so naturally he likes Volkswagen and completely refurbished a green VW bus which was their send off car. I also cannot forget Ashley’s eyes sparkling the whole time especially when she looked at Timm and their first dance which was completely rehearsed and choreographed and the hilarious bouquet toss that took THREE throws!

Thank you so much to Traci from the White Chapel for coordinating, Debbie Welch for the beautiful flowers, Delectables for the delicious food, Germaine from Der Dutchman for the cake, Amy Werner for hair and makeup and Joe Farren for the awesome acoustic performance and entertainment. Enjoy the photos and their story below!

The way Ashley shows love and affection is definitely a trait that I love and am hoping it is rubbing off on me.

His patience. Timm has a special way with people, where he can sit with someone and teach them, and listen to them with so much calmness and patience. When ever I see him interacting with someone in that way he comes off as very thoughtful and loving.


On our third year anniversary he was in Tennessee for an internship (for 5 months so long!) and I was home in Tampa. He sent me a package with sweets, a note of instructions and a USB. The USB had a fun scavenger hunt where I had to figure out clues from our year together to unlock the password on the next document. The last document had a very sweet note and picture he created. I felt so loved that he put that much effort into making me smile when we were so far a part.

What’s most important to Timm is living a spirit led life with love and adventure.

Her faith in Jesus Christ is very important to her and it blesses me every time she reveals it.

Ashley made a scrap book that told our whole year together. It was very sweet and reminded me of how blessed I am.

When Ashley said “It’s Today!?” After I got on my knees. Like she new it was coming but was still unexpected.

We were at the beach as the sun was setting. I remember he started to tear up and took off his sunglasses. I thought “It’s Happening!”

Graduating college – I knew he was so over it, stressed and ready to be done! I loved seeing him be the center of attention and getting to praise him for his hard work.

One of the moments I was most proud of Ashley was when she got her first career job and received a very high level review after working there for a year.

One of the most adventurous things we’ve done together would be traveling to and around Spain by train, then hiking up a beautiful mountain and standing 8000 ft above sea level on the peak.

We hiked up to the very top of a mountain in Spain – it took us about 5 hours to make it to the top!