Enny and Daniel have a beautiful and classic Oxford Exchange wedding in Tampa with one of the most fun receptions and their Alaskan Klee Kai, Kuma.

YOU GUYS!!! I am finally caught up blogging 2016 and I bring you my first wedding of 2017 and my first Oxford Exchange wedding! Yes, I’M EXCITED! You may remember Enny and Dan from their engagement session here where their adorable pup, Kuma, was featured as well. Seriously, these two (three including Kuma, now four because they have another new pup), are incredible. They share my love for coffee and their style is tip top. Oxford Exchange was the best place for their wedding because Enny is obsessed with reading, writing and books. This wedding was in January and the ceremony was at 7:00, so keep in mind everything post first look photos was during night time! Crazy!

We started with the guys and had Dan get into his bad ass Hugo Boss suit. You gotta love a well dressed groom. Then we played around with some gorgeous details like their DIY handmade stationary, the florals from Botanica and Enny’s Watters dress from White Magnolia. Once the ladies arrived we got Enny into her dress and did some portraits. The very emotional first look was followed by some portraits of the two of them and their wedding party.

The ceremony was DECKED OUT with really cool uplighting and gorgeous flowers and candles on the staircase. Absolutely stunning. After a photo with ALL the guests and some family photos, we did more fun ones with them and their party. They entered into the reception with colorful poms literally being BLOWN at them! Ha! I have to say, even though they did a lot of the traditional stuff like parent dances and garter/bouquet, somehow their personalities made them hilariously unique. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Aside from being so handsome, he was the life of the party.

They both got each other anniversary cards which was beyond adorable. 

She always wants the best for me. She saved as long as I did for her ring to get me a watch for our wedding day.

Her drive and ambition.
Also we really hit if off at a get to together with friends talking about Music. She was totally the Cool girl.

His patience. He is one of the most understanding, easy going person I know, and my road rage needs a bit of help!

As soon as he found out I had never been to Universal Studio’s Harry Potter, even with me being a HP die hard fan, he surprised me and took me there on our first official day as a couple.

He is a secret comedian, but only to me. I might be one of the few people on earth that just found him recently hilarious, but everyone else has seemed to be in on this secret since day one.

On our beautiful teal blue door to our apartment, he hung up the same exact valentines day heart wreath he had used to surprise me our first year. He had been keeping it protected for that exact reason through all our moves between New York and Florida, and years of transitions. He just knew. Oh, and Kuma was in a bow tie!

This insane cake was done by the bride, Enny!

She can eat more than she weights. My parents were impress/terrified the first time we got together for dinner.

When she opened the coffee shop in Brooklyn. Seeing her vision from start to finish was rewarding and I was so proud of her. When I was terrified about things she seemed clam and confident that it was going to come together

He moved to New York on a whim so we could stay together, and being straight out of college he was able to adapt to a huge city and create an impressive career for himself.