Cathryn and Bryce’s 70’s bohemian fall Lakeland wedding at the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel and the Sorosis Building.

First off, if you didn’t see their engagement session, you have to check it out. They have awesome style and the theme of their wedding suited them so well. We started the day with getting ready at The Shaw House B&B. Such a cute place! And their invitations and details are SPOT ON for their theme. Had a blast creating a Wes Anderson styled portrait with Bryce. Once everyone was dressed, we went with Cathryn over to Hollis Gardens to set up the first look. This is where my very first photographed wedding high-five kiss happened.

The ceremony took place at the super amazing Annie Pfeiffer Chapel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and dedicated in 1941. This place is an architectural dream! So many little details that make it amazing. Little stained glass cubic windows, lots of geometric cut outs and openings, an incredible skylight. All you will see in my photos below. We also did some photos in the Danforth Chapel, completed in 1955.

We arrived to the Sorosis Building for the reception and photos, however, rain took us in a different direction. Due to rain, we went right into the ceremony after putting on Cathryn’s gorgeous flower crown by Taylormade. They also did Cathryn and the bridesmaid’s amazing fall and 70’s inspired bouquets. Thanks also go Deana with Sassy Soiree event planning for decorating and keeping things running smoothly. The reception was awesome of course and we got to do some night rain photos and had a great sparkler exit. Bryce and Cathryn have my heart and their style will never be forgotten, especially with these photos. They are so bad ass they even got me the Pink Moon album by Nick Drake as a gift. Heart eyes for days.

He is a lot slower to wrath than I am! I can lose my temper (and my tongue!) in times that he can pause and reassess a situation.

Hello dreamy eyes! You can get lost in those things!

She’ll never admit to this, but she is very, very brave. I only found out recently that when she went on her summer archeological dig in Honduras, she did it alone, having never left the country before, with a group of relative strangers, speaking a little bit of Spanish and, apparently, without malaria medicine.

When we finally got a chance to spend time together we spent an entire night playing songs for each other and talking about music and bands we wanted to see. I can safely say in hindsight that the person who geeks out with you over how great this one song is? They’re the person you stay with.

Brooklyn or Bust! We loaded our wagon (a tiny U-Haul), hitched the horses (crated our two terrified, meowing cats), and moved every thing we owned to New York City.

Cathryn has a way of finding these enclaves of culture, people and art that I would never come across. My favorite memory of New York is the night we spent on a barge somewhere in Dutch Kills with these crazy people dressed like it was the prohibition era again, blasting music out into the empty factories, with a bonfire on the top of this boat. I remember thinking, “This is the most amazing experience and I wouldn’t be here without her.”

I was so nervous. We were standing in front of the Jefferson memorial in DC in January, so thankfully there wasn’t a big crowd; but when the time came and I got on one knee…..I dropped the ring right by a drain. So if you were to read a transcript of that moment it would be:

“Cathryn, will you,”

*she gaps*

*ring pings off the sidewalk, scrambling, shouting*

“uh…*cough*…will you marry me?”

I was pretty wrecked about turning 30–I mean, the 5th anniversary of me turning 25! He planned a little getaway to an adorable beachside hotel that was right up my alley. Kitschy, ancient, and full of Old Florida charm–a weekend of ocean air and fish sandwiches was just what I needed.

Communication. He’s taught me that things go a lot smoother when you talk about them.

You know those deep belly laughs where it’s rolling laugher and hard to catch your breath? Every time he laughs super hard, even if he’s laughing *at* me, I can’t help but also uncontrollably laugh. It’s contagious somehow. I will laugh until I cry, just because he’s laughing at something.

She startles so easily. If I walk into a room and say hello- even if I’ve been working from home all day- she’ll jump, probably yell and I die laughing.

Thanks also to Chris Grainger of Grainger Entertainment, Shannon with Salon Salvatore Day Spa, Fresco’s Catering, their friend Ian for officiating the marriage, L&L Decorations for the linens, Fink Ink for the stationary, Wish Vintage Rental, and A Chair Affair for the dinnerware.

What they wore: Her dress – Alfred Angelo, Purchased at Angelique Bridal Boutique | His coat – Moss Brothers of London, Jeans – J. Crew