Raissa and Vini have a RIDICULOUSLY FUN Barrington Hill Farm wedding with Brazilian traditions and a gorgeous sunset.

This was my very first Barrington Hill Farm wedding and Brazilian wedding and I am telling you it was THE most fun! SOOOOOO much you have no idea! They had HORA LOCA which I’ve never seen before (a huge celebration with glow sticks, costumes, other games) and they also had fireworks at the end of the night! You guys seriously just have to look at the photos. This venue and the property are absolutely stunning. So much greenery, tall pines and huge oaks, flowers everywhere and great outdoor feels with the string lights and sunset over the horse pastures. You will learn more about Raissa and Vini with their quotes scattered throughout the photos below. As always, please ENJOY!

The first thing I noticed about her was her smile. She always brought a smile me and everyone around her.

Her perseverance. She to pushes on with a course of action, belief, or purpose, even if it’s difficult.

Gentleness, he is so kind in his responses, in the way he makes decisions and with me.

His good looks of course! His sense of humor and how he could attract a crowd for just being silly.

What stood out the most to me was the true emotional connection we had on the beach. Even though there were a lot of people watching us and all our friends around us, it just felt like it was me and her in that place.

That he actually cried with me! That moment was a complete surprise for me and I couldn’t stop crying of how joyful I was. He said the most sincere words to me and I could see the joy in his eyes. He got my friends involved in the proposal and the whole crowd in the beach clapped and cheered when I said yes!

There has been quite a lot, but I enjoy the small things he does for me. In one of my birthdays long ago I traveled out of town but when I came home, my whole room was decorated with balloons, confetti, and all the gifts were laid on my bed with the cutest written card. It was a sweet surprise!

I think one of the sweetest things she has ever done for me was when we used to go to college together she would write love notes and leave them on my car’s windshield.

I would say it is to love God above all things. His love for God inspires me everyday, because he puts others before himself and everyday he tries to be a better person.

Her relationship with her true father that is in heaven.

She makes me laugh when she starts goofing around especially when she’s sleep deprived, it’s priceless.

Everything, there isn’t one thing he does that I’m not laughing either at him or with him!